Interview Questions

Hello Friends….. Something interesting… let me tell you
There is a possibility, every one getting little confuse, what kind of question will be ask if we will go for an interview. There is a possibility our mind always thing, can I answer the entire question or not. Always people ask to each other is the question easy or not.
Never mind, let me help you. I will help you for the same. I can help you to show 50 interview related question. If you answer, then you will be the next selection for any company and you will be the next export
You can see the list of Question on the below
this is the contents for Interview related questions.


  1. How to Fill the blank cells from upper value by using by formula and by manual
  2. How to replace error if any in your excel sheet after using a formula
  3. How to take right character if the cell contains any special character
  4. How to take left character if the cell contains any special character
  5. How to take some character from the middle, using formula
  6. How to add any additional number if required before any character and How to delete some character if it is not required
  7. How to place a name in to the respective column
  8. How to use Multiple Vlookup
  9. How to Split name-City in 2 different column if the cell contains Name-City and “-“
  10. How to use formula in Pivot table
  11. How we can use sumif
  12. How to calculate accurate number of a letter.  ( A=1 and Z=26)
  13. How to display a proper week ( Week-24) if someone enter only a numeric number from 1 to 52
  14. How to make a summary
  15. How to calculate happy birth day
  16. How to calculate Year, month and date from a particular date
  17. How to show number of Week, number of Year and number of month if someone enter “WeeK”,”Year” and “Month”
  18. How to take correspondence value from difference source if someone will enter some character
  19.  How convert reverse any number automatically
  20. How to convert number to word ( 1 One Only)
  21. How to calculate position of letter automatically
  22. How to Populate correspondence Sub Region or States
  23. How to Fetch correspondence data according to Age and Code from a table
  24. How to take left value or right value if a particular cell  contains left or right



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