Prelim Formulas

Before we go the high level and advance formula, we should know the prelim level or beginner level formulas. I will explain you here some of the prelim level of formula, once you understand, than it will help you, how to build an advance and high level formula. Here you can see list of Prelim version of formulas, you can go one by one, at any point of time, if you need any help please send an email. I will resolve your query As soon as possible. Or click here send your query directly to me.

1. If Condition 11. Left 21. Small
2. Date 12. Right 22. Maximum
3. Column 13. Upper 23. Minimum
4. Row 14. Proper 24. Text
5. Hour 15. Lower 25. Today
6. EMonth 16. Month 26. Trim
7. Find 17. ABS 27. Value
8. Search 18. Replace 28. Week Number
9. Fixed 19. Round 29. Work Day
10. Len 20. Edate 30. Int
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